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2011.12.02 (15:21:57)

The microsystem technologies market for healthcare applications will grow from $1.2 B in 2009 to $4.5 B in 2015, representing over 1 B units per year in 2015.

Applications are numerous. New in vitro diagnostic systems, new therapy strategies, genetic diseases treatment, targeted and intelligent drug delivery, home care technologies… are health improvement promised to the future generations, enabled by semiconductor and MEMS technologies. As many challenges are related to miniaturization, the Healthcare industry faces critical technical and economic challenges to develop these new products.

Yole is pleased to announce the release of its latest report: "BioMEMS 2010". The BioMEMS 2010 report is a unique analysis of the Micro Devices with the most advances to develop solutions for vital bio-medical applications. The devices considered are:

· Pressure sensors

· Silicon microphones

· Accelerometers

· Gyroscopes

· Optical MEMS and Image sensors

· Microfluidic chips

· Microdispensers for drug delivery

· Flow meters

· Infrared temperature sensors

· Emerging MEMS (RFID, Strain sensors, Energy Harvesting)

Please take a look at our web site to find out more about the report: detailed description, table of contents downloadable brochure and report sample.

For any order placed directly with Yole before 05 November 2010, you will benefit from a pre-launch 10% discount off normal list price.

Feel free to attend Frederic Breussin’ presentations on "Emerging Markets of Microfluidic Applications" - LOAC World Congress

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