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Improving on The Performance of LCD's for Mobile Applications
In a world where LCD’s have seemingly overcome their shortcomings, is there room for another disruptive display technology?

The Future of Mobile Displays
Download a Whitepaper which describes how our HEOS system builds and shapes the future of mobile displays.

A Technology Breakthrough
Read about the invention of our Electrowetting displays and the principles behind our HEOS system.

Job Specifications

Technical Assistant - Test - UK

Test Engineer - Eindhoven

IP Engineer - Eindhoven - Part-Time

Process Development Engineer - Eindhoven


Transmissive Electrowetting-Based Displays for Portable Multi-Media Devices
In the past, electrowetting-based displays have been successfully demonstrated in reflective mode, showing video capability and high optical performances. In this paper, we demonstrate for the first time that this technology can be extended to the transmissive mode enabling a large variety of applications. This paper describes the main technical and system aspects and explores the capability of this high efficiency optical switch.

Liquavista Displays - a replacement for LCD?
Benelux Venture Forum May 28th, 2009

White Papers

Video-speed response in a reflective electrowetting display
IDW Proceedings 03, 1741 (2003)

A reflective display based on electrowetting: principle and properties
IDRC Proceedings 03, 322 (2003)

1-in active matrix addressed electrowetting displays
Proceed. Int. Display Workshop, 1717 (2004)

A high brightness color 160 ppi reflective display based on electrowetting
SID Symposium Digest 36, 1674 (2004)

The principles of Electrowetting

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