Myongji University Microsystems Laboratory Directed by Prof. Sang Kug Chung

Dear Prof. Chung:

Based upon reviews and personal judgment, Prof. Hongrui Jiang has recommended acceptance of your paper, "Acoustic bubble-induced microstreaming for biochemical droplet mixing enhancement in electrowetting (EW) microfluidic platforms" for publication in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.  I am pleased to find agreement with this recommendation, and to begin the final steps toward its publication. Congratulations!

This acceptance is for the present form of your submission, except for possible minor alterations that you may choose to make in response to comments from reviewers. Specifically, please consider the two comments that Reviewer 1 made.

Please submit all final files through the 'Awaiting Final Files' queue in your author center on Manuscript Central (ScholarOne Manuscripts). Upload all files in a single session, and make sure that your final package is correct and complete upon submission. Any materials sent separately from this file upload (using mail or e-mail) will not be used for final publication. Once you have completed the submission of your final files you will not be able to make changes until you have received page proofs from the IEEE.

During the final submission process, please make sure all author information in Manuscript Central (ScholarOne Manuscripts) is correct and complete.  When this is confirmed, please upload:

1) A Latex, or Microsoft Word application file. This should include keywords/index terms, and bios and photos if you are including them. Failure to submit a source file may result in publishing delays.

2) A pdf of your entire manuscript. A pdf is NOT sufficient for publication. Please make sure to submit the source file detailed in Step 1.

3) If your figures are not embedded in the source file of your manuscript, you will also need to upload separate figure files. The acceptable formats are Word, eps, ps, tiff, ppt and excel. We do NOT accept png or jpeg files for figures.

4) Biosketches and photos of all authors. Biosketches should be uploaded at the same time as the other final files, if you plan to include them. These can be included at the end of your Microsoft Word or Latex source file, or submitted as a separate upload. For author photos jpeg files are accepted.

5)  IEEE now offers the option to print figures in grayscale but post online free of charge.  Any color figures submitted will be automatically processed by IEEE for online color.  Figures may also be printed in color for a charge of US$275.  If you would like figures to be printed in color, please attach a cover letter detailing which figures should appear in print color.

*Please make sure that all files have unique file names in order for them to export successfully to IEEE*

You may not make any unauthorized changes to your manuscript at this time.  IEEE will perform a comparison of your accepted paper to your final submission, and any changes outside of what the editor has requested will need to be justified and approved before publication, causing delays. This includes any changes to the author list, content, or references.

IEEE has moved to an all-electronic copyright-submission system. If you did not complete your copyright form during the initial submission of your manuscript, please do so using the “transfer-copyright” link that will appear in the “manuscripts-with-decisions” queue of your author center after you have submitted the final files.

Any further interactions with respect to this paper will be expedited if you correspond directly with the IEEE Journal Coordinator, Mike Hellrigel using email to .

I look forward to reading your contribution in the IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.


Prof. Gianluca Piazza
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
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