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2011.12.02 (15:39:48)
Man Was Born To Fly
10 years ago, aviation consultant, flight designer and enthusiastic pilot,
Aki Suokas, first dreamed of a radical new flight design that would weigh
less than 70 kilos, including a drive train under 20 kilos. That magic weight
limit determines how a new plane is legally classified.
The FlyNano single-seat fun flyer is now in the air, and will be officially
launched at Aero 2011 at Friedrichshafen, Germany, 13 – 16 April. Aero is
Europe’s premier aviation event. FlyNano comes in 3 basic variants: the
electrically-powered series E 200, a petrol-powered Series G 240, and
the uprated racing models Series R 260/300.
The FlyNano is extremely light thanks to innovative Finnish design solutions
and an advanced carbon fibre composite construction. Wingspan
is nearly 5 meters, nose to tail 3.5 m, and height 1.3 m. Maximum take off
weight is 200 Kg. Speed range 70 – 140 km/h with a service ceiling of 3 km.
FlyNano’s true airspeed is about 140 kmh at 75% power with a theoretical
operational distance of 70 km.
Everyone has sometime imagined what it would be like to fly free as a
bird. FlyNano is for the fun of flying – no passengers, no cargo - just you,
FlyNano and the endless blue. If you’ve ever had a pilot’s licence, or had
experience with ultras or micros, you’ll fly Nano right out of the box. The
rest of you will need to learn the simple rules of the air. Minimum red tape
– maximum fun.
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